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Bye Bra

Say hello to Bye Bra! Founded in 2011, Bye Bra is a Dutch company that has become globally renowned for its ground-breaking ideas and fine quality products. Responsible for the most exciting breast enhancement product we’ve ever seen, it offers an all new and unique way to give your boobs a boost and provide the cleavage you’ve always dreamed of. Allowing you to go braless with your favourite fetish wear whilst maintaining that flawless figure, Bye Bra also manufactures a selection of nipple pasties to keep you covered and put a stop to nip slip. Made from fine quality materials and boasting an exceptionally strong medical adhesive, Bye Bra products are hypoallergenic and gentle against the skin. Dermatologist tested, the Breast Lift Tape can be worn for up to 8 hours and is completely waterproof. Ergonomically designed, items in this collection are incredibly simple to apply and promise optimum results. Browse the range and pick out an item to titivate yourself with today!

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