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Bring out the animal in you. Our supreme selection of Amihole Dildos is guaranteed to fulfil all of your animalistic instincts. Maybe you’ve got a spot of animal play fetishes and want to take your pet play to the next level? Even if you don’t have a fetish - maybe you’re curious - or perhaps you just want to explore the feeling and sensation of something entirely different. AnimHole dildos don’t follow the usual convention of dildo shapes. They have bumps, undulations and big old knots that allow you to feel something entirely different during insertion. We can assure you; you won’t be left feeling disappointed!

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  1. Animhole Gode Zebra Dildo 13.8 Inches
  2. Animhole Wolf Dildo 8.3 Inches
  3. Animhole Horse 14 Inches
  4. Animhole Wallaby Dildo 11.4 Inches
  5. Animhole Tiger Dildo 11.4 Inches
  6. Animhole Fox Dildo 6.7 Inches
  7. Animhole Elephant Dildo 11.8 Inches

7 Items

per page