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Animal Dildos

Bring out the animal in you. Our supreme selection of animal dildos is guaranteed to fulfill all of your animalistic instincts. Horse, dog or even dragon, each one of our deviant dildos has been crafted from quality materials that look and feel incredible both inside and out, all of which boast tantalising textures and unique contours that guarantee to gratify.. One of our unusual dildos is guaranteed to take your animal roleplay to a whole other level. Whether pet play is your vice, you love a bit of yiff, are seriously into stretching or get a high from humiliation, you won’t leave disappointed.

Sinnovator Canine Cock Dildo
Sinnovator Dark Horse Dildo
Sinnovator Cthulhu Tentacle Dildo
Sinnovator Stallion Horse Dildo

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  1. Sinnovator Dagon Platinum Silicone Dildo Depth Training Tentacle 12 Inches to 22.5 Inches (4 Sizes)
    As low as $62.99
  2. Sinnovator Knot Platinum Silicone Dildo 6.75 to 12 inches (4 Sizes)
    As low as $50.99
  3. Sinnovator Warrior Platinum Silicone Dildo 5.7 Inches to 12.6 Inches (4 Sizes)
    As low as $62.99
  4. Sinnovator Stallion Platinum Silicone Dildo 7 Inches to 16 Inches (4 Sizes)
    As low as $62.99
  5. Sinnovator Steed Platinum Silicone Dildo 7.4 Inches to 12.4 Inches (4 Sizes)
    As low as $43.99
  6. Sinnovator Flared Stallion Platinum Silicone Dildo 8.5 Inches to 16 Inches (4 Sizes)
    As low as $62.99
  7. Sinnovator Cerberus Platinum Silicone Dildo 7 Inches to 15.4 Inches
    As low as $43.99
  8. Sinnovator Spore Platinum Silicone Ovipositor Dildo with 3 x Sinnovator Eggs (Small)
  9. Sinnovator Howl Platinum Silicone Dildo 7.8 to 16.3 inches (4 Sizes)
    As low as $50.99
  10. Sinnovator Flared Steed Platinum Silicone Dildo 7.7 Inches to 12.6 Inches (4 Sizes)
    As low as $50.99
  11. Sinnovator Kraken Double Tentacle Depth Training Platinum Silicone Dildo 12.2 Inches to 24.2 Inches (3 Sizes)
    As low as $62.99
  12. Sinnovator Rhino Platinum Silicone Dildo 6.5 Inches to 12.4 Inches (4 Sizes)
    As low as $56.99
  13. Sinnovator Cephalopod Tentacle Platinum Silicone Dildo 7.87 Inches to 11.8 Inches (3 Sizes)
    As low as $68.99
  14. Sinnovator Faust Platinum Silicone Dildo 7.5 Inches to 10.6 Inches (3 Sizes)
    As low as $50.99
  15. Sinnovator Rhino Depth Trainer Platinum Silicone Dildo 11.2 Inches to 22.8 Inches (3 Sizes)
    As low as $56.99
  16. Sinnovator Andromeda Alien Platinum Silicone Dildo 6.1 Inches to 10.4 Inches (3 Sizes)
    As low as $56.99
  17. Sinnovator Knot Plug Platinum Silicone Butt Plug 5 Inches
  18. Fuck Muscle Black Beauty Horse Dildo 15.5 Inches
  19. Sinnovator Cthulhu Tentacle Platinum Silicone Dildo 7.4 Inches to 12.7 Inches (3 Sizes)
    As low as $68.99
  20. Sinnovator Draic Platinum Silicone Dildo 5.3 Inches to 9.6 Inches (3 Sizes)
    As low as $75.99
  21. Fuck Muscle Feeler Tentacle Dildo 6 Inches
  22. UberKinky Dracul Dragon Dildo 5.7 Inches
  23. Fuck Muscle Sucker Punch Tentacle Dildo 8 Inches
  24. Mr Hankey’s Dragon Dildo 8.5 Inches to 14 Inches
    As low as $214.99
  25. Sinnovator Serpent Platinum Silicone Dildo 10.5 Inches
  26. Oxballs Woof Hollow Butt Plug 5.5 Inches
    As low as $100.99
  27. Sinnovator Trench Depth Training Tentacle Dildo 13.4 Inches to 22.4 Inches (3 Sizes)
    As low as $87.99
  28. Hunglock Mega Stallion Horse Dildo 18.5 Inches
    Now Only $125.99 Regular Price $163.99 Save: $38.00 (23%)
  29. HARDTOYS Fury Anal Depth Training Dildo 22.4 Inches
  30. Mr Hankey Beowulf Beast Boner Dildo 9 Inches to 13 inches
    As low as $249.99
  31. Mr Hankey's Cockadile Dildo 8.25 Inches to 14.15 Inches (4 Sizes)
    As low as $157.99
  32. Animhole Horse 14 Inches

Items 1-32 of 39

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Why use an animal dildo?

There are plenty of reasons why you may be curious about using an animal dildo. Maybe you’ve got a spot of furry fetish and want to take your pet play to the next level? Even if you don’t have a furry fetish - maybe you’re curious - or perhaps you just want to explore the feeling and sensation of something entirely different.

Animal dildos don’t follow the usual convention of dildo shapes - you know, the standard phallus. They have bumps, undulations and big old knots that allow you to feel something entirely different during insertion.

How to use an animal dildo

Our animal toys and dildos aren’t just reserved for your solo play; although they’re perfect for that, too. Bring one into action when you’re getting down and dirty with your partner as you explore all the nuances of pet play. Whether you’re playing vaginally or anally, you’ll want to go slow and take it easy.

Animal dongs tend to be on the large side with their rippling shape and ever-changing girth, so you’re going to want to start off small. Maybe  use a small dildo or even a butt plug to warm up your chosen hole. Just remember to use plenty of lube. If you think you’ve got enough, add a little more for good measure.

Once you’re all relaxed and lubed up, it’s time to play. Slowly insert your chosen animal dildo inch-by-inch - you may have to ease yourself over any knots in the design. When you’re comfortable, you can start experimenting with tempo and thrusting to find something that really hits the spot. Go wild and unleash your animalistic side!