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Beginner's Guide To Restraints

Come on guys; we know it’s hard, but please try to restrain yourselves! Whether you want to rope someone into a bit of bondage, make sure their hands are tied when it comes to gratification, or simply get a leg up in your deviant doings, this guide will lead you in the right direction and tell you everything you need to know about bondage restraints.

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Now, it’s safe to say our position on restraints is pretty clear! But, as always, we want you to get in on the action. Using a little restraint is, on its own, sadistically satisfying! However, in order to really take advantage of that increased sensitivity, we recommend incorporating a little sensation play or spanking into your scene. But, in order to get a real taste for the supreme sensations and submissive satisfaction that comes from using them, it’s imperative that you take appropriate control of the situation. We want to keep naughty bottoms in their place, but we don’t want anyone to end up feeling really ropey, do we?!

So, for more tips on how to get the most out of your perverted playtime, as well as staying safe, make the right move and keep on reading!

Reasons You Should Try Restraints

Reasons You Should Try Restraints

Not easily roped into bondage? Unsure why people insist on being tied down? Well, adding a little restraint to your recreation promises to enhance your play... and here are 5 reasons why;

Restraints - The Look

See what we mean; you won’t be able to restrain yourself...

Take a look around, it’s clear to see that bondage fashion is all the rage! Why? Because it’s sexy, that’s why. That look of helplessness can be extremely arousing, plus the decorative nature of the restraints themselves will tie in nicely. All eyes are on those sensual positions, and that symbolic image of power exchange will be an incredible turn on. You won’t be able to restrain yourselves; but when it comes to gratification, bottoms’ hands are tied!

Restraints - Heightened Senses

Take away touch and get a feel for supreme sensations...

Develop a sixth sense for superior sex play! When one sense is restricted, everything is magnified. A restraint typically stops naughty playmates from touching things they shouldn’t. This results in explosive intensity with the gentlest of strokes or kisses. Use this to your advantage and engage in some supreme sensation play, or even introduce some more extreme activities, such as spanking. Whatever you decide, you’ll get a real taste for it!

Restraints - Emotional Connection

Pull yourselves together with trust and respect...

You don’t have to connect the dots to reveal what we’re talking about here! The level of trust required for this encounter will allow you and your partner to connect on an entirely new emotional level. Relinquishing control demonstrates trust, while taking control shows that this trust is well placed. Boundaries are pushed, but never overstepped and seeing each other in this way will inspire a deeper connection. We’re getting emotional just thinking about it!

Restraints - Submissive Satisfaction

Lose control, relax and experience something new...

Don’t give up on superior satisfaction! Submitting to a partner will be extremely exciting for both of you. Having no control over what’s to come, leads to feelings of anticipation that inspire intense physical responses within the body. It also allows bottoms to completely relax into the sensations being experienced. Watching a playmate take advantage of this new found power will be incredibly exhilarating too. You’ll be powerless to resist this play!

Restraints - Perfect Positioning

Keep bottoms in their place for superior stimulation...

Don’t go anywhere; we’ve not finished with you yet! Once you find that optimum position, a restraint will help you maintain it. This makes for intense play that guarantees to be spot on. Whether teasing or pleasing, a restraint will restrict movement and ensure that bottoms don’t writhe or wriggle out of place. That means supreme gratification for both of you every time. They’ll be well and truly in their place!


Safety First!

Bottoms hands may be tied but, when it comes to safety, yours certainly aren’t! As with any type of bondage or BDSM activity, it is essential to agree on a safety word or action and discuss boundaries beforehand. And never EVER leave a restrained bottom unattended!

The biggest concern when using restraints is reduced circulation. Noticeable indications of a loss of circulation include tingling, numbness, a drop in temperature, or a change in skin colour. If any of these symptoms occur, it is vital that the restraints are removed immediately and the scene is stopped. To stop this from happening, always follow the two finger rule (leave space for one or two fingers between the restraint and the skin) and tie above and below the joints rather than on them. It is also crucial not to attach/tie restraints in a way that could lead to restricted breathing. Don’t be afraid to cut someone out if things don’t go according to plan.

So, in order to be hands-on with your safety, we’ve compiled this useful list of dos and don’ts;



  • Follow the two finger rule and allow additional space around the rib cage
  • Expand pressure points where possible
  • Apply warmth after scene to get the blood flowing
  • Discuss boundaries and decide on a safe word/action beforehand
  • Stop immediately if the bottom experiences pain or signs of circulatory problems
  • Remove restraints carefully
  • Have a pair of blunt scissors handy. Ideally they should be angled like EMT scissors
  • Check for loss of circulation often


  • Leave a bound bottom unattended
  • Attempt suspension bondage without appropriate training
  • Use a gag, unless a safe action has been decided upon
  • Use restraints if the bottom has a heart/respiratory/circulatory condition
  • Attach a restraint in a way that could restrict breathing
  • Put pressure on joints, nerves or veins
  • Leave bottoms restrained for prolonged periods of time

Types of Restraints

Before you get all tied up with your play, it’s important that you’re aware of the different restraints available. So, as always, your good friends here at UberKinky have broken it down for you;

Wrist Cuffs/Handcuffs

wrist cuffs

Hands up who wants to add a little restraint to their recreation? Well, cuffing the wrists will certainly stop naughty bottoms from reaching for things they shouldn’t. It will also heighten all other senses for superior satisfaction every time. Cuff in front, behind, or to other restraints; the choice is yours. Wrist cuffs are the perfect way for beginners to add a touch of bondage to their play!

Ankle Cuffs

ankle cuffs

You’ll get a real kick out of ankle restraints! Badly behaved bottoms won’t be able to move a muscle with ankles firmly fastened together, or to other restraints/body parts. With a variety of different designs and materials available, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to playing footsy. So, why not make that all important move?

Arm Binders

arm binder

This experience will bind you for life! although incredibly sexy, these restraints are not for the fainthearted. We recommend that you wait until you are a little more experienced and flexible before arming yourself with one of these, as it can hurt the shoulders and may affect circulation in the hands. However, once you’re ready, it would be crazy not to give them a try!

Bondage Mitts

bondage mitts

Keep your mitts off! Bondage mitts not only look the part, they also stop disobedient digits trying to find a means of escape. Perfect for use alongside other restraints, these gratifying gloves further increase sensitivity by restricting touch completely. They’ll really help you get to grips with some beautiful bondage.

Door Restraints

door restraints

Open up to a world of new possibilities! We love the sadistic symbolism that comes along with using door restraints here at UberKinky. There’s nothing quite like watching your bottom squirm for freedom and having escape within reach. Door restraints can spice up any sex play, but also make a welcome addition to BDSM and sensation play too. Do you think you can handle it?



A humbler is guaranteed to have him on his knees in no time! Not only an effective CBT device, this terrifying tool will also restrict movement entirely. A testicle cuff clamps around the base of the scrotum and the central bar passes behind the thighs and buttocks. Any false moves are likely to result in extreme pain. Humble by name, but not by nature; we recommend you steer clear until you are a little more experienced.

Spreader Bars

spreader bar

A spread that looks good enough to eat! Spreader bars lock bottoms into the ideal position for perfect penetration, or some harrowing humiliation play, depending on your preference. There are a number of different spreader bars available, some lined with soft materials for comfort, and they typically feature cuffs that fasten around the ankles and wrists. A number of different positions can be achieved using spreader bars. Now, spread ‘em!



Show them who’s Master! A collar is the perfect way to symbolise a submissive status. They come in a variety of different forms, including posture, bondage and slave collars. Made from a variety of different materials, they typically feature D rings for attaching leads or other restraints to. It is imperative to choose a collar that is the correct size and isn’t too tight, so that it doesn’t restrict breathing. So, isn’t it about time you collared your playmate?



You’ll go crazy for this type of restraint! Straitjackets are extremely durable and promise no hope of an escape. They’ll certainly keep things hot in any BDSM scene. However, let’s get something straight, this is no ordinary jacket, and it’s absolutely not for those just starting out. A straitjacket can cause pain to the shoulders and result in a loss of circulation, so it is important to work your way up to it. Now, make sure you stay on the straight and narrow!

Underbed Restraints

underbed restraint

Never want to leave the bedroom? Now you don’t have to! Underbed restraints are the ideal choice for beginners. They contain everything needed to turn any bedroom into a bondage playground and ensure that bottoms always know their place. Easy to set up, and held in place by your mattress, underbed restraints are portable and can accompany you on all of those naughty weekends away. No, you’re not dreaming!

Body Harnesses


Want to harness your energy for some really uplifting play? Well, although harnesses are typically used in suspension bondage, they can also be used to keep slaves tied up exactly where they’re wanted. It is important to note that you should never attempt suspension bondage without proper training first. Harnesses boast beauty and brawn, featuring multiple rings for attaching other restraints. One thing’s for sure, they’re really strapping!

Rope Restraints


Ready to get all tied up with some beautiful bondage play? Well, if you’re looking for something a little more elaborate than standard restraints, rope is the perfect choice. Not only does it look the part, it is robust, durable and will put a stop to any hope of an escape. For more information and how best to tie the knot (plus video tutorials), check out our Beginner’s Guide to Rope Bondage.

Sleepsacks & Vacuum Beds

vacuum bed

Trust us; sleep won’t be on the cards when you introduce one of these restraints to your play! Designed to restrict movement entirely and cling to the body for the ultimate in sex appeal, sleepsacks and vacuum beds enhance every tantalising and tormenting touch. Some encase the entire body, while others don’t cover the face/head. Those that do cover the head are not recommended for beginners, as breathing may be restricted. You’ll really take a shine to them!

Bondage Tape

bondage tape

This tape is designed to play, but not music! although, bondage tape can be used as an ideal way to restrict movement, it is imperative that bottoms are not bound too tightly, as this could result in a loss of circulation. Bondage tape is not only strong and durable, it looks incredible too, and you can even create your own fetish wear with it. Not recommended to beginners; after all, we don’t want you getting into a sticky situation!



Don’t move a muscle! If you think play is over as soon as you remove your restraints, think again. Bottoms may be a little stiff after being restrained in one place for a long period of time. Take good care when releasing them from their bind and give them a sensual massage, gently soothing those pressure points. We also recommend that you have a blanket or warm towel handy in order to stimulate the blood flow.

Don’t let aftercare be an afterthought!


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