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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Anal Sex Toys

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Want to add a little zing to your ring? Then don’t be an ass; it’s important to make sure you have all the relevant information about anal sex toys before getting started. And, that’s right; you guessed it, that’s where we come in. So remember; there’s nothing wrong with being anal, folks, and with the help of our gratifying guide, you’re guaranteed to feel like you got a hole in one!

Thought it was only gay men that enjoyed anal play? Then you’re really behind the times! It’s true that men have the added advantage of having a prostate situated up there, which feels simply incredible when stimulated, but why would so many women enjoy it if that was all there was to it? There are many sensitive nerve endings situated in your backside, all of which are begging to be tantalised and teased. Anal play can also invigorate the back wall of a woman’s vagina. Sensations felt when using an anal sex toy simultaneously with penile or vaginal stimulation are phenomenal.

So prepare to discover an all new breed of orgasm, one which is more intense than you have ever experienced. Rumpy pumpy will never be the same!


Safety First!

So, you think you know best?! Well, that’s a cheeky assumption to make! We’ve been perfecting our knowledge in the fine art of BDSM and sex play for the past 26 years, so we really recommend you take our advice when it comes to safety.

The pelvic muscles hold a lot of tension, particularly when nervous. As such, it is essential to be completely relaxed and ready for what is to come. This is why a thorough warm up is necessary. Enjoyable anal play is about letting the anus relax, not forcing it to stretch.

You should know by now just how important it is to keep all of your toys clean. Opt for a non-porous toy where possible, particularly if you are planning to share. If your toy is porous, you may wish to use a condom; this will make clean-up easier too. In between uses sanitise thoroughly. For a quick clean, we recommend using a sex toy cleaner or alcohol swabs.

Now, to avoid getting yourself into a hole, simply follow these dos and don’ts;



  • Use plenty of anal lubricant
  • Choose a toy with a tapered tip and flared base
  • Make certain your toy is free from any seams or ridges
  • Keep toys clean and separated
  • Clean your toy using a sex toy cleaner or alcohol swabs


  • Use anal toys in any other bodily orifices
  • Use a silicone based lubricant if your toy is made from silicone as it will degrade
  • Use desensitising creams/lubes – if you are experiencing pain it is a sign that something is wrong
  • Use the same condom in multiple holes


Now be a good girl/boy scout and BE PREPARED!

To ensure that things don’t get messy, there is some minor preparation that should be undertaken before getting started with your anal play. Those on the receiving end should start off by having a rinse around their poop chute with mild soap and water. If somewhat more anal about cleanliness, you can opt for an enema/douche 3-4 hours beforehand (see our Beginner’s Guide to Anal Douching & Enemas for more information).

Next, get your hands on an old towel or two and lay them underneath where you will be playing. This will prevent lubricant getting on anything that it shouldn’t. It’s also a good idea to have some damp wipes/cloths nearby.

Then it’s bottoms up!

Warm Up

Warm Up

Ready for things to heat up?

For anal play to be successful, the receiver needs to be completely relaxed (whether alone or with a playmate). Unlike vaginal muscles, the sphincter muscles take much more loosening up. Diving straight in without preparation will merely make them tighten, in some cases rendering anal play entirely impossible.

So, as with any sporting activity, a warm up is vital. It begins with a beautiful massage of the backside. Massage those cheeks in a slow and sexy motion, giving them the care and attention they deserve. Then it’s time for the finger. If playing in pairs, make sure you have discussed everything beforehand, and stop if your playmate experiences discomfort at any time. Lube up your little finger and slip it partially into the ready and waiting hole. Massage slowly until you start to feel the sphincter relax. Keep inserting the finger and massaging; this is also a good indication of how far you can insert an anal toy to start. It is imperative that nails are trimmed for this warm up; otherwise it could result in small tears and abrasions/fissures.

You’ll never get the cold shoulder when following this simple procedure!


Types of Anal Sex Toys

So, when it comes to your rump; how do you like it done? Well, everyone has different tastes and luckily, when it comes to anal sex toys, there’s something that caters to them all. So, it’s about time you knew your dildos from your douches, and that’s where we come in! Think of us as your UberKinky waiter, here to satisfy salacious appetites...

Anal Beads

Anal Beads

A scintillating string of beads; much more than just jewellery! The simplest and most comfortable anal toy for beginners, the stimulating spheres typically graduate in size and are connected by a soft, flexible material. although they deliver unique anal stimulation when worn, it is not this particular sensation that has got most people going wild. Oh no, that, my friends, is how it feels when the beads are removed at the point of climax. Play alone or with a friend and work your way up gradually to the bigger beads. One thing’s for sure, it's time you got some balls! View All Anal Beads

Anal Dildos

Anal Dildos

Anal about dildos? Well, it’s true that the majority of regular dildos are fine for anal play. But for those of you that are just starting out, they are perhaps somewhat advanced. Opt instead for one that is specifically designed for anal, as they are usually slightly narrower. Like standard dildos, they mostly feature a tapered tip and a flared base, however they are ergonomically curved and designed specifically to stimulate the prostate or sensitive back wall of the vagina. Anal dildos are fantastic as a means of tantalising and teasing the many nerve endings. So, isn’t it time you were a bit more anally attentive? View All Anal Dildos

Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs

Now this is one plug that will turn you on! Butt plugs are increasingly popular and a favourite amongst newbies and anal experts alike. They are typically designed with a tapered tip to ensure easy insertion, followed by a wider body for a scintillating stretch. Once you are a little more experienced, you can choose from a vast array of butt plugs with added features, such as vibrating and textured. Once in, they are cleverly crafted to stay in place with a thin stem and flared base. That means you can either wear during sex/masturbation, or even experience some fantastic nerve stimulation as you go about your daily activities. So, why not switch things up a little? Why not gradually take it up to the next level with our inflatable butt plugs and HUGE butt plugs to experience an intense stretch that so many crave? View All Butt Plugs

Prostate Massagers

Prostate Massagers

Want a mischievous massage with a deviant difference? A prostate massager is cleverly crafted to seek out the prostate and gently stroke it, providing intense and unbeatable stimulation. Many men describe prostate orgasms as the most powerful achieved, with spasms felt throughout the entire body. This is perhaps why it is commonly referred to as the ‘male G-spot’. Perfectly shaped to follow the contours of the body and reach exactly where it should, a prostate massager makes light work of delivering the most incredible orgasm ever. Some even vibrate to give you an added buzz. Coming round to the idea? Get your hands on one today! View All Prostate Massagers

Fisting Toys

Fisting Toys

Looking for play that packs a punch? Well, we recommend steering clear of fisting toys until you are a little more experienced. However, when you’re ready, you’ll find that they are just the answer to your ‘side prayers’. For all the fun of fisting without getting your hands dirty, these toys are a must. Available in a variety of different sizes, shapes and materials, they are designed to provide that supreme stretch and feeling of fullness that is unlike anything else. So, whether playing alone or with a friend, you’ll be on the climactic verge within seconds. We know you like to take the hands on approach, but be sure to work your way up to these bad boys! View All Fisting Toys

Douches & Enemas

Douches & Enemas

Come on; don’t be a douche! These handy little devices are for something more than just giving yourself a deep clean. In fact, they provide unique and intense sensations in their own right. But if you are a bit squeamish about anal play and poo (ick), these clever contraptions will ensure it is always the epitome of good, clean fun. Designed to dispense water into the rectum, a douche/enema will remove any waste and leave you feeling sparkly and clean. Plus, you never know, there may just be a budding klismaphiliac hiding inside you, begging to get out. A douche/enema provides a unique feeling of fullness and pressure that delivers intense orgasmic anal action. So, why not just go with the flow? View All Douches & Enemas

Anal Speculums

Anal Speculums

Open wide; you’re in for a big surprise! A speculum may be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to your sex play. Ideal for opening that hole up a little wider, providing a clear view of what’s on offer inside, it also makes insertion of big bits and pieces easier. This ensures that you’ll always hit the ‘spot’. So, whether you get off on having a clear view of what’s inside, or you simply want to pay attention to all of those places just out of reach, an anal speculum is the tool for the job. However, we do recommend some experimentation with smaller toys beforehand. When you’re ready, they promise to open you up to a world of new possibilities! View All Anal Speculums


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Getting a bit bummed out when it comes to choosing the perfect anal sex toy? Well, don’t get down in the dumps; here are the UberKinky bestsellers...

Njoy Pure Fun Plug

1. Njoy Pure Fun Plug

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Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug

2. Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug

“Feels really horny, especially when walking or bending. I kept it in for hours until it decided to come out on its own. Now need the large size!!!” Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug

X-10 Beads

3. X-10 Beads

“This product is amazing and great for anal beginners; can't stop using them!” X-10 Beads

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Which Lube To Use?

Now, remember guys; the anus doesn’t self lubricate! You know what that means don’t you?! Lube and lots of it! For anal play we recommend water based or silicone based lubricant, but never opt for silicone if your toy is made from the same material; this will cause degradation. It’s important to keep reapplying throughout your play to ensure that things don’t dry up.

  1. Uberkinky Smooth Move Waterbased Lubricant 250ml
    Uberkinky Smooth Move Waterbased Lubricant 250ml 14 4.4 5 1
  2. MEO Very Deep Urethral Lubricant 30ml
    MEO Very Deep Urethral Lubricant 30ml 53 4.8 5 1
  3. Uberkinky Cum Together Cum Lubricant 250ml
    Uberkinky Cum Together Cum Lubricant 250ml 20 4.4 5 1
  4. Smooth Move Lubricant 100ml
    Smooth Move Lubricant 100ml 12 4.5 5 1

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