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How to Use Anal Beads


Anal about sex play? Think you’ve been getting a bit of a bum deal of late? Well, you know what Frankie says... Relax! No-one wants to be behind the times, especially when it comes to their sex life. So park your bum there and we’ll ensure you’re always on the ball...

Also known as Thai beads, anal beads are a series of spheres, typically graduating in size, that are either attached to a string or solid piece of material. The sphincter muscles contract and relax around each of the individual beads, delivering intense and unique sensations. However, pulling them out at the point of climax is where the real thrill lies. The back passage is home to many nerve endings that just love to be tantalised and teased. As such, using anal beads is one of the most powerful sexual sensations that can be experienced.

So, don’t get bummed out by a lack of knowledge, this guide promises to help you get the ball rolling!


Safety First!

Thinking about safety never hurt anyone! In fact, safety is our number one priority and it should definitely not be at the bottom of your list.

Firstly, it’s important to note that lube is imperative for this type of play. You should know by now that your backside doesn’t self lubricate, so in order to make sure things run smoothly, you’re going to need a HUGE amount! Choose a thick, creamy and long-lasting formula. We recommend water-based, but silicone is also a fine choice, unless of course your toy is made from silicone. Avoid desensitising lubes; these are designed to make anal play less painful. However, if used properly, anal beads shouldn’t hurt at all. If you are experiencing any pain, it is a sign that something is wrong and it’s important that you’re able to feel it if your body is warning you that there’s a problem.

Don’t forget; your tush is sensitive, so give it the love and attention it deserves. Because the tissue can tear easily, this type of play is considered high risk. Communication is absolutely vital. If you’re not comfortable telling your partner what to do (when to start/slow down/stop etc) then you shouldn’t be using anal beads with each other.

Now, make sure you follow these simple dos and don’ts, otherwise you, like Johnny Cash, could experience a burning ‘ring of fire’!



  • Choose beads with a loop or a handle at the base
  • Go slowly & stop if you experience any pain
  • Use plenty of lubricant
  • Keep anal beads away from the vagina to avoid infection
  • Clean toy thoroughly after use


  • Use anything that is not designed to be used as an anal toy
  • Choose beads with a nylon string – these can be extremely difficult to clean

Why Wear Anal Beads?

Always wanted a nice string of pearls? Well, pearl necklaces are so yesterday ;) and, trust us; you’ve stumbled across a real gem here!

There are many reasons why people enjoy the sensation of anal beads. They are not designed to provide pleasurable sensations upon insertion or, indeed, merely being held in place. The real pleasure comes at the point of climax when these beads are removed from their homely walls. At this point, every ball massages the sphincter muscles on their way out. It is similar to having any other muscle massaged, in a somewhat sexual and erotic manner, only much more intense.

Are those beady eyes starting to light up yet? Well they should be! Anal beads can be used either alone, or with a playmate. When used with a friend, it can add an element of power play to your performance, but merely having someone else insert and remove the beads is an incredible turn on. Many people simply enjoy the feeling of full-ness and stretching of the beads, plus they swear by the scintillating sensations when they are removed. But, having them in place during intercourse is sure to really float your boat... if you catch our drift!

Seriously now, we’re not stringing you along!


Getting Started

Still feeling a little nervous about getting started? Fear not; there’s no need for beads of sweat to be dripping from your forehead! Follow our step by step instructions and you’ll never be up shit creek;

Anal Beads - Preparation


There’s dirty ;) and then there’s dirty (eeeeeew!!) Make sure you have a good clear out before adding to the limited amount of space in your back room. Go to the toilet, and maybe even take a shower to ensure you’re clean confident and raring to go. Once you feel nice and relaxed, you can start getting warmed up, or better still, get someone else to do it for you.

Anal Beads - Get in the Mood

Get in the Mood

Okay, we all know you can’t just ram objects into tight holes without being sufficiently turned on first. So, get into the mood, however you do so normally, whether having a little bit of a play, or getting your partner to perform some delicious oral on you. Feeling relaxed and aroused will make your first time just perfect.

Anal Beads - Lube Up

Lube Up

3. Get a little wet! Now is the time to add plenty of lubricant. We recommend that you consider using a specialised anal lube that is thicker and creamier that its counterparts. However, opt for a water-based one where possible. Liberally apply to the length and breadth of the beads, as well as at the point of entry, and inside.

Anal Beads - Start Slowly

Start Slowly

On your marks...! Wait a minute; this is not a race guys, so, start SLOWLY and wait until you are completely relaxed before you begin. Once everything is well lubricated, start inserting the beads one by one. If you notice any pain at all slow down, add more lube, or stop altogether. Using this technique will enable you to get used to these new and unique sensations.

Anal Beads - Enjoy


Once the beads are in you can occupy yourself however you choose, whether that be with sex, oral, or by taking a more hands on approach, all of which will feel sensational. Fly solo or with a friend, then it will soon be time to fully appreciate the power of the beads.

Anal Beads - Removal


When ready (usually at the point of climax), remove the beads slowly and one at a time. Eventually you will be able to speed up this process, but have patience; all good things come to those who wait!

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