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Are you uber kinky? We just love everything weird and wonderful here at UberKinky, and since we opened our doors in 2006, UberKinky has grown to be the UK’s leading supplier of bondage and fetish gear. We constantly strive to stay atop new trends and consistently bring our customers innovative and exciting new products. Here at UberKinky we only source products that are made to the very highest standard of quality, from the finest materials available. Over 7 years have been spent perfecting our range and working alongside you to develop a choice consistent with our customer needs. Only the best and kinkiest will do for our UberKinky friends. Now I’m glad we got that straight!

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  1. Uberkinky Cum Together Cum Lubricant 250ml
  2. Uberkinky Smooth Move Waterbased Lubricant 250ml
  3. UberKinky Ring Master Donut Cock Ring Set
  4. UberKinky Ring Master Soft Silicone Cock Rings
  5. Uberkinky Elbow Deep Fisting Lubricant 500ml
  6. Smooth Move Lubricant 100ml
  7. UberKinky Stainless Steel Ball Stretcher
    As low as $47.99
  8. UberKinky Bondage Tape
    As low as $10.99
  9. UberKinky Squirt Extreme Dildo 8 Inches
  10. UberKinky Donut Glans Ring
    As low as $31.99
  11. UberKinky Natural Hemp Bondage Rope 32ft 10m
  12. UberKinky Douche
  13. UberKinky Braided Cotton Bondage Rope Black 32ft 10m
  14. UberKinky Wax Play Candles 3 Pack
    As low as $26.99
  15. Uberkinky Largo Penis Cream 40ml
  16. UberKinky Ox Bull Nose Nipple Clamps
  17. UberKinky Soft Ejaculation Cock With Balls 7 Inches
  18. UberKinky Whipped Cream Soothing Spanking Cream 100g
  19. UberKinky Cock Ring - 5mm
    As low as $21.99
  20. UberKinky Creature Cum-Forts Animal Cum Lubricant
  21. UberKinky Ring Master Screw You Cock Ring
  22. UberKinky Cock Ring 10mm
    As low as $29.99
  23. UberKinky Braided Cotton Bondage Rope Red 32ft 10m
  24. UberKinky Unisex Strap-On Boxers
    As low as $18.99
  25. Uberkinky Intro to Sounding Rosebud Sounds Kit
  26. UberKinky Bed Knob Buddy Butt Plug 3.74 inches
    As low as $41.99
  27. Uberkinky Pinwheel - Wartenberg Wheel
  28. Uberkinky Speed Snap Cock Ring
  29. UberKinky Magic 8 Ball Cock Ring
  30. Uberkinky Braided Cotton Bondage Rope Black 16ft 5m
  31. Uberkinky Penis Head Glans Ring
  32. Uberkinky The Curve Dildo 8 Inches

Items 1-32 of 369

per page