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Beginner's Guide To Nuru Massage

We’d hate to think that we were pushing you into anything, but Nuru massage is one sensational slide that all of us grownups should enjoy. So, whether you’re searching for superior stimulation, slippery satisfaction, supreme sensuality, or you simply want to turn your hand to something new, you’re in the right place. Now, no pressure, but if you want to ensure that your bodywork is always top knotch, it’s imperative that you read on!

What is Nuru Massage?

What is Nuru Massage?

Still not entirely sure what a Nuru massage is? Fear not; we won’t rub it in, we’re simply here to tell you all about it. And since it is fast becoming the most popular form of erotic massage in the world that must be a huge relief!

Now, bearing in mind that ‘Nuru’ means slippery in Japanese, we’re sure your imagination will give you some indication of what’s involved. A Nuru massage can only be performed using the eponymous gel. This traditional formula is concocted using powerful Nori seaweed, aloe vera, chamomile and grapefruit extracts. It is transparent and deliciously slippery, while being incredibly easy to wash off. Essential for achieving optimum glide, it not only offers numerous health, therapeutic and sexual benefits, it also delivers full body to body sensual pleasure.

So, imagine using your whole naked body to massage your playmate. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Reasons You Should Try Nuru Massage

Reasons You Should Try Nuru Massage

Nonplussed by Nuru Massage? Not entirely sure what it even is? Well, we guarantee that our love for this massage will really rub off on you, and here are 5 UberKinky reasons why;

Nuru Massage - Superior Stimulation

Have some full-bodied fun that provides superior satisfaction...

Are you feeling inspired yet? Well, what could be more stimulating than two naked bodies rubbing up against one another? Full body to body sensual massage is much more tantalising than your typical oil massage. Using the whole body to relieve pressure points and deliver supreme satisfaction is a huge turn on. In fact, two bodies working together in this way will lead to extreme arousal like nothing you’ve ever experienced. You know what that means? Take things to the next level for explosive gratification!

Nuru Massage - Deeper Connection

Don’t be shallow; connect on a much deeper emotional level...

The reasons for enjoying Nuru are anything but shallow! Explore every inch of your playmate’s body, using only your own, and gain an all new perspective on how they look and feel. The comfort and intimacy required for this type of activity allows you to connect on a much deeper emotional level. Your bodies will work in sync as you enjoy a new realm of fun together and learn how to pleasure using your entire body. So why not turn your hand to something new? Trust us; it’s going to be emotional!

Nuru Massage - Health Benefits

The healthy option that’s anything but boring...

You may feel naughty, but there’s nothing bad about this massage! On top of being supremely sexual, Nuru massage also carries with it numerous health benefits. The unique formula is rich in vitamins and nutrients that work to hydrate the skin, improve its elasticity, disperse fatty deposits and prevent cellulite. It also contains ingredients proven to improve circulation. The massage itself is exceptionally good for soothing muscular aches, improving circulation, reducing stress and boosting the immune and digestive system. So, who said what we enjoy can’t be good for us?

Nuru Massage - Heightened Senses

Awaken the senses with some touching sensuality...

Have you come to your senses yet? A celebration of the senses; nuru massage works best when you incorporate some scented candles, music, dimmed lighting, or even rose petals. The senses are immediately awakened and aroused as that sumptuous gel is slowly poured all over the naked body. In addition, you are much more sensitive to every satisfying stroke, as this is what your attention is solely focussed on. Every single sensation and reaction is intensified as your full capacity for enjoyment is unlocked. So, why not add a touch of sensuality to your play?

Nuru Massage - Nuru Gel

Go for a ride on an all new kind of ‘slide’...

Enjoy your massage in style! Nuru gel is unlike any other formula used in a massage. Its unique consistency provides an all new sensual and sexual experience. Designed for optimum glide, so that your bodies feel sensational pressed up against one another, the tantalising texture feels incredible against the skin and is perfect for this type of erotic massage. Its silky smooth consistency is deliciously deviant and, when mixed with water, the magic gel becomes supremely slippery and viscous. So, don’t give superior satisfaction the slip!


Getting Started

Don’t run before you can walk! Our step by step guide is a stroke of genius when it comes to giving the perfect Nuru massage. So don’t let superior satisfaction slip through your fingers, take a look today;

Nuru Massage – Be Prepared

Be prepared – don’t blow it by being unorganised...

Inflate your airbed, or have waterproof sheets in place. Not only will this keep your bed dry and aid a quick clean up, it also ensures that no Nuru gel is absorbed, meaning things can stay slippery for longer. It’s always a good idea to keep towels handy too, for any excess mess. And remember; things are going to be HOT! We’re talking literally here. So, although you’ll be getting hot and steamy during your Nuru massage, make sure you set your thermostat to the optimum temperature of 28 degrees prior to your play.

Nuru Massage – Set the Scene

Set the scene – give them a taste of supreme sensuality...

Listen up UberKinky friends; this is very important! News of a Nuru massage is music to everyone’s ears. So why not select a few tunes to really enhance the mood and stimulate those senses? We also recommend lighting a few scented candles to add to the ambience.

Nuru Massage – Run a Warm Bath

Run a warm bath – things will really start to heat up...

So, you thought you’d read enough to just dive straight in? Well, we hate to burst your bubble, but there’s still plenty more you need to know. A warm bath is the perfect way to relax, keeping the body supple and flexible. At the same time as running a bath, place your container of Nuru gel into a sink or bowl of hot water. This will allow the heat to penetrate the gel.

Nuru Massage – Have a Bath Together

Have a bath together - get warmed up and wet before getting started...

Want to get really wet? Well, Nuru is about to make a real splash in your out of hour’s activities! Wet and supple skin is essential for a nuru massage to work correctly. Like you needed an excuse to have a bath together! Take this opportunity to explore every single inch of each other’s bodies and build up anticipation for what’s to come. We promise, things will never dry up!

Nuru Massage – Mix Things Up

Mix things up – find just the right combination...

You’re almost ready for your just deserts! Pour the gel into a wooden bowl and gradually mix it with warm water until you reach the desired consistency. Add only a tiny bit at a time so that the mixture does not become too runny. Mixing with two hands can make finding the right consistency easier; it should be gloopy, but by no means watery.

Nuru Massage – Make the Move

Make the move – here’s one you prepped earlier...

It’s time to put the moves on them! Make your way to the pre-prepared area. At this point ask your playmate to lie down on their front. Drip the silky smooth gel sensually over their wet naked back. Gently massage the shoulders and back with your hands before pouring gel all over your own naked body. Now, using every single part of your body (fingers, hands, feet, toes, bum, breasts), rub in the gel for the ultimate body to body sensual massage; start at the top and work your way down. Then ask them to turn over for a repeat performance. Trust us; it’s moving!

Nuru Massage – Position Yourself

Position yourself – don’t be given the slip; make sure you get a turn...

Switch over and experience Nuru from a different angle! Once your playmate is slippery, wet and feeling hot, change positions and allow them to glide over your body sexually and sensually. Once again, they should start at the top and work their way down slowly, using every part of their body to massage in that gratifying gel. It’s unlikely that your massage will end there, but don’t despair; Nuru gel can also be used as a lube for the ultimate climactic experience.

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