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Let’s be clear; these fantastic offers won’t be around forever, so it’s important to act fast! Unfortunately, to make way for the new, we must say goodbye to the old. But luckily, you’ve dropped by at just the right time, because we’re practically giving away this supreme selection of gratifying goodies. We really would love to keep everything, but we could never be accused of being selfish here at UberKinky. So we’re sadistically slashing our prices and passing on the savings to you. With a variety of tantalising toys, brutal bondage gear, fabulous fetish wear and more to choose from, you’re sure to find something that meets your naughty needs in the UberKinky clearance collection. Get your hands on something now before it’s too late!

Kinky Sex Toy Clearance Sale

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  1. UberKinky Leather Ball Weight
    As low as £23.99
  2. UberKinky Triple Cock Ring
    As low as £46.99
  3. UberKinky Screwed Penis Plug
    As low as £24.99
  4. Mr Hankey’s Rentman Realistic Dildo 7.5 Inches to 12.5 Inches
    As low as £144.99
  5. Dominator Sounds: Bullet
    As low as £34.99
  6. Mister B All Black Fist Butt Plug
    As low as £21.99
  7. Oxballs Screamer Spec-U-Plug Expanding Butt Plug
    As low as £49.99
  8. Strict Leather Locking Posture Collar
    As low as £52.99
  9. Dinoo Rough Rubber Realistic Fist Butt Plug
    As low as £26.99
  10. Uberkinky Gates of Hell
    As low as £24.99
  11. Sinnovator Triton Merman Platinum Silicone Dildo 6.5 Inches to 10.6 Inches (3 Sizes)
    As low as £49.99
  12. WAD Three Bangs For Your Butt Dildo 8 inches
    As low as £50.99
  13. UberKinky Hinged Cock Ring with Adjustable Spikes
    As low as £54.99
  14. Oxballs Puppy Tail Silicone Butt Plug
    As low as £89.99
  15. E-Stim Systems Cable 4mm
    As low as £12.99
  16. Sheets of San Francisco Waterproof Fitted Sheet*
    As low as £152.99
  17. SquarePegToys® Acorn Butt Plug 5 Inches
    As low as £99.99
  18. Oxballs Glowhole Led Lit Fuckplug
    As low as £37.99
  19. UberKinky Chunk Slide In Silicone Penis Plug
    As low as £12.99
  20. Mr Hankey’s Dragon Dildo 8.5 Inches to 14 Inches
    As low as £169.99
  21. UberKinky Double Ratchet Whitehead Gag
    As low as £24.29
  22. Uberkinky Tit Torture Pliers
    As low as £29.99
  23. UberKinky Platinum Chase Realistic Silicone Dildo 6.3 to 12.2 Inches (3 Sizes)
    As low as £49.99
  24. UberKinky Bullet Slide In Silicone Urethral Sound
    As low as £16.99
  25. Master Series Detained Soft Body Chastity Cage
  26. Sinnovator Scylla Tentacle Grinder Ready Made
  27. Sinnovator Dagon Small Ready Made
  28. Uberkinky Squirter Shower Douche Nozzle 7 to 7.5 Inches
    As low as £34.99
  29. Sinnovator Absolem Silicone Dildo 6 Inches to 9 Inches (3 Sizes)
    As low as £59.99
  30. Sinnovator Wrath Silicone Dildo 5.7 Inches to 9.1 Inches (3 Sizes)
    As low as £69.99
  31. Brutus Bum Buddy Vulcan Anal and Vaginal Plug
    As low as £34.99
  32. Master Series Realistic Silicone Boner Briefs
    As low as £119.99

Items 65-96 of 157

per page