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Hybrid Lube

Get a load of this; an all new breed of lube that guarantees to turn you on! Our fine selection of hybrid lubricants features some of the best name brands and most unique formulas currently available. Cleverly concocted using a combination of water and premium quality silicones, they each have a creamy, thick consistency that feels silky smooth and slippery against your best bits. Plus, this water and silicone cross stays wetter for longer, so there’ll be no need to stop and reapply at the most inappropriate of moments. Magnifying every suck, lick, stroke, tickle and thrust, a hybrid lubricant adds a unique feel to your sex play. Additionally, it is quick and easy to clean up, whether on fabric or the skin. So, whether you’re into anal, vaginal, fisting, or playing with sex toys or dildos (check whether compatible with silicone), there is a lube waiting for you in this collection. It’s time to get the best of both worlds!

10 Items

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  1. SPUNK Lube Hybrid 236ml
  2. Liquid Silk 250ml
  3. Mister B Fist Extreme Lube 500ml
  4. Spunk Lube Hybrid Personal Lubricant 909ml
  5. Liquid Silk 50ml
  6. Mister B Fist Classic Lube 500ml
  7. Maxhim Max Pro Prostate Massage Gel 100ml
  8. STR8cam Lubricant 236ml
  9. Passion Light Silicone Blend Lubricant 466ml
  10. Skins Anal Silicone and Water Based Hybrid Lubricant 130ml

10 Items

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