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How to Use anAnal Hook


Got a little hung up on the same old sexploits recently? Fancy trying something a tad more exciting? Well, when it comes to deviant delights, we have just the thing and, trust us, it guarantees to have you hooked!

This is one hook that is definitely not make believe (get it?! Captain Hook...), although it certainly seems too good to be true! It’s important that you’re aware of how to use an anal hook before getting started, which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on your behalf. So, don’t be bashful about your butt, there’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to your ass, this type of play is literally ‘off the hook’ and promises all new and sadistic sensations.

You must at least know what an anal hook looks like... right?! Also known as a butt hook, tail hook and an ass hook, most commonly anal hooks are crafted from stainless steel and resemble the letter J. The majority feature a ball on the insertion end and there is an o-ring for accommodating rope or other restraints at the other end. Both women and men will be hooked on the feeling these toys give, but they are particularly pleasurable for men, since they are perfectly contoured to stimulate the prostate.

So, simply keep reading and you’ll soon get the hang of how to use anal hooks!


Safety First!

Remember; accidents hurt but safety doesn’t! As such, it’s vital that you’re always prepared. But fear not; we’ll hook you up with everything you need to know in order to play safely!

Anal hooks are less forgiving than many other anal toys because they are rigid and inflexible. A sharp jerk or fast pull on the hook has the potential to do a lot of damage. So, why not do a little fishing first to find out what works? Introduce your new BDSM tackle during a soft/moderate scene to determine what works best and how the hook fits the slave’s body. Discuss with each other how it feels in various different positions so that when you move onto something a little more hardcore you don’t inadvertently do some damage. As always, communication is key.

Now hang in there; all you need to do is follow these simple dos and don’ts;



  • Have a safe word & use if necessary
  • Stop if you experience any pain
  • Make sure all edges are rounded and smooth
  • Choose a hook with a ball on the end – this helps to keep the ball in place and distributes pulling/tugging over a larger area
  • Clean toy thoroughly after use


  • Use for suspension bondage
  • Tie off hooks too tightly
  • Share hooks that have not been properly sterilised
  • Restrain in any way that restricts breathing, or has the potential to do harm

Why We're Hooked

So, “What’s the hook?” I hear you ask. Well, we can’t nail it down to just one reason. Indeed, there are many, many reasons why we love to play with these deviant devices.

Anal hooks are a hugely popular BDSM tool and are mostly used for posture training. The slave is forced into a perfect position, where the chest is lifted and the back is arched inwards up to the upper spine. This is an incredible turn on for both Dominant and submissive. The success of a hook when used in this manner is determined by the wearer’s body shape and flexibility. Not only will the hook keep slaves in a certain position, moving only in ways that please their Dominant, it will also provide intense stimulation as it tantalises those nerve endings and the prostate (only men, of course).

Anal hooks can make it on their own, or be used as part of a more complicated bondage scene. For many, it is a way of proving to their Master/Mistress that they can perform in exactly the way they are expected to and that they can handle a sex toy that allows them no leeway. A perfect tool for predicament bondage, an anal hook not only leaves the slave bound and helpless, it also means they can only move between a limited number of positions. They must choose between the lesser of two evils. This is a type of edge play, putting the submissive between a ‘rock and a hard place’.

One thing’s for sure; you never get a bum deal when it comes to this type of hook-up!


Getting Started

So, you’re over your hang ups and are ready to get started with your play? Well, follow these simple step by step instructions and there’ll be no stopping you;

Anal Hook - Preparation

Be prepared

Yes, it’s time to put that Scout training to good use, people! Okay, not quite... We all like to get a little dirty ;) But, there’s dirty and there’s dirty. As with any anal play, it’s always a good idea for the submissive to go for a number 2 before getting started. Some people opt to have an enema too. If so, please make sure that it is not sooner than 3-4 hours before getting started. For more information regarding douching and enemas, check out our UberKinky Beginner’s Guide. Make sure you’re fully relaxed before moving onto the next step.

Anal Hook - Get in the Mood

Get in the Mood

Want to squeeze in some anal action, but still quite new to it all? Well it’s important that bottoms are fully aroused for easy insertion, after all; the tunnel is quite narrow. So start enjoying a little foreplay, or masturbation if alone, and really get in the mood.

Anal Hook - Lube Up

Lube Up

Don’t be tight; you’re going to need plenty of lube for this anal activity. Apply to the hook, the ball, the point of entry and inside. Use a water based lubricant such as Smooth Move or a silicone based formula such as Gun Oil. Avoid desensitising lubes; it is important that you’re aware if something is awry.

Anal Hook - Start Slowly

Start Slowly

It’s the tortoise and the hare all over again! Now you’ve liberally applied your lube, insert 1-2 fingers and start to move them around, slowly tantalising the nerves and stimulating the anus so it’s ready for what is about to come. Then, whilst they are laid on their side or stomach, slowly work in the hook. It will be shockingly cool at first, but it quickly warms up to body temperature. There will be an initial stretch, but once past the pubic bone it should only feel tender, not painful.

Anal Hook - Enjoy


And trust us; you really will! The hook can be tied to other parts of the slave’s body, or indeed points or objects within the room. The sliding back and forth of the ball should feel delicate, yet not painful. See below for some of our beginner friendly techniques. Incorporate into your BDSM scene or simply use as a means of stimulation. Typically hooks are played with in pairs, but they can also be enjoyed alone.



Don’t be an ass; there’s much more to it than merely inserting the hook and leaving it there! Of course, there’s plenty of pleasure to be derived from that alone. There are many ways a hook can be incorporated into your scene, and it is specifically designed to be used alongside other restraints. Here are just a couple of ways in which we like to hang out;

Anal Hook - Technique 1

Tie hair to the metal loop, or use longer length of bondage rope to close the gap.

Anal Hook - Technique 2

Wear a harness with multiple D rings running down the spine and choose the perfect height for tying the hook off.

Anal Hook - Technique 3

Tie a length of bondage rope through the metal hook and feed each end of the rope under the slave’s arms, across the chest, over the opposite shoulder, so it looks like they’re wearing a bondage rucksack. The rope can be pulled as tightly as desired without any pressure on the neck or throat.

However you choose to play, one thing’s for sure; resistance is futile... in fact, it’s detrimental. So, slaves must prepare to turn the other cheek!


Hook Hygiene

What?! You don’t sterilise your toys after use? Come on guys; you really need to clean your act up!

You should know by now just how important it is to care for your toys. Not only is it vital for preventing the spread of germs and bacteria, it also reduces the risk of infection and ensures that toys live long and prosper. We recommend using HiGenie Antibacterial Toy Cleanser or Alcohol Swabs for a quick clean. alternatively, use hot soapy water or run your hook through a cycle in the dishwasher. Be sure to unscrew the ball at the end (if it has one) and use cotton buds to get to all of those hard to reach places. A condom can be worn over the hook for added protection and a quick and easy clean up. Never ever share toys that have not been properly sterilised and always cleanse before and after use.

Remember; when it comes to taking care of your BDSM equipment, you’re never off the hook!

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