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UberKinky Dildos

There’s nothing quite like the feel (and look) of the real thing, except, of course, a dildo from the UberKinky collection. A firm (and flexible) favourite out there, dildos are a classic, oh-so-satisfying sex toy that belong in everyone’s bedside drawer. Whether you’re a blushing beginner or a professional pleasure-seeker, we have a wide range of dildos to suit everyone’s desires. Choose all the exact details to suit your tastes; short and girthy, slim and lengthy, veins or no veins, balls or ball-less and even double models - choose the playtime partner of your dreams. We’ve got anything from your realistic dildos to the huge and double ended, or start small and work your way up to huge! Guaranteed to hit the spot and give you perfect penetration every time.

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  1. UberKinky Squirt Extreme Dildo 8 Inches
  2. Uberkinky ALL BLACK Fisting Dildo 15 Inches
  3. UberKinky Sliding Skin Dual Density Dildo 5.5 Inches
  4. Uberkinky Double Trouble Dual Density Realistic Dildo 10 Inches
  5. UberKinky Dual Double Penetration Dildo 6 Inches
  6. Uberkinky The Curve Dildo 8 Inches
  7. UberKinky Enduro Blaster Realistic Dildo 6 Inches
  8. UberKinky The Feels Dual Density Silicone Dildo 6 Inches
  9. UberKinky Double Up Double Penetration Dildo 5.5 Inches
  10. Uberkinky Spot On Suction Cup Dildo 8 inches
  11. UberKinky King Size Realistic Slim Ultra Double Dildo
  12. UberKinky King Size Realistic Bitch Fist Fisting Dildo
  13. UberKinky Real Extreme Dildo 4.5 Inches
  14. Uberkinky Prostidude Dildo 11 Inches
  15. Uberkinky Double Penetration Strap On Dildo 7 Inches
  16. UberKinky The Real Deal Dual Density Silicone Dildo 4.5 inches
  17. UberKinky Silicone Dildo Douche
  18. Uberkinky Straight Up Dildo 7.5 Inches
  19. UberKinky Dual Layer Curved Silicone Dildo 5.75 Inches
  20. UberKinky Legendary King-sized Realistic Dildo 8.5 Inches
  21. UberKinky Legendary King-sized Realistic Dildo 10 Inches

21 Items

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