Win a Bathmate Hydrodouche

Win a Bathmate Hydrodouche
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Win a Bathmate Hydrodouche

Happy New Year from all of us at UberKinky! It's time to get those New Year's resolutions started and we're here to help. We're giving away a Bathmate Hydrodouche to one lucky UberKinkster to help the winner get a deep down detoxifying clean. It's a whole new year for a whole new you, are you ready to go with the flow?

Most New Year's resolutions are all about change - change for the better or possibly new aspirations to bigger and better things. With the Bathmate Hydrodouche you can certainly start the new year off with a fresh clean slate. The Bathmate Hydrodouche is a gravity fed douching system which allows you place the resivoir under the shower head for a continuous feed or you can fill up the tank with up to 600ml of your favourite douching fluid.

[caption id="attachment_1739" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Bathmate Hydrodouche Bathmate Hydrodouche[/caption]

Inside this all inclusive douching kit you'll find the Hydro chamber, adjustable securing strap, mounting bracket and wand holder, chamber connector, hose, flow regulator, hydro wand connector and hydro wand. The hydro wand is soft and flexible so it's gentle as it slides in. The tip provides your backside with 360 degrees of gentle irrigation for a deep down clean. It's perfect for a quick clean before anal sex or for an occasional detoxification. You control the flow with the regulator clip leaving you the choice between a little water or a lot or none at all. The clever little bracket allows you to hang up your douche nozzle when it’s not in use keeping it and your bath clean and contamination free.

If you want to get a deep down clean and start your new year off with a clean slate, enter to win your very own Bathmate Hydrodouche valued at £104.99. What are you waiting for? Enter now!

5 January 2015