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The Sexiest TV Shows Ever

The Sexiest TV Shows Ever
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The Sexiest TV Shows Ever

Some of our favourite TV shows are filled with sex scenes, and we love it!

We've done all of the exciting, extensive research for you to know which TV show has the most, the longest and the highest percentage.

Based On Number Of Sex Scenes

Totalling at 33 sex scenes for the series, 'Californication' has the most sex scenes, with new kid on the block 'Normal People' totalling with 10. Is the number of sex scenes in Game of Thrones a shock for some?

Based On Length Of Sex Scenes

Close runner up to number of sex scenes 'Spartacus: Blood & Sand' takes the top spot for total length of sex scenes generating a massive 79 minutes! Black Sails has 12 sex scenes but only totalling 10 minutes of action on screen. Is that enough for some? Normal People redeems itself with a whopping 41 minutes.

% Of Season Which Is Sex Scenes

Another top spot for the LA based TV show! 19.25% of the season is a sex scene, putting the fornication in Californication. Last place is taken by Shameless, almost totalling at 2%.

Average Sex Scenes Per Episode

Elite is living by its name with 3.5 sex scenes per episode, shall we start a petition for a new series? Normal People sits at the bottom, lets be thankful the scenes are lengthy.

There’s not a lot of joy in the world right now, so people should try and find pleasure any way they can! Whether that’s with a partner, with yourself, or with a TV show - there’s nothing wrong with having a bit of cheeky fun. All of these TV shows indulge in fantasy and romance - two things that can really help to lift your mood. We recommend snuggling up on the sofa or in bed and settling down to a good long binge watch! We look forward to continuing our research and discovering new raunchy TV shows! Sit back and enjoy with some of your favourite lube.

8 June 2020