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10 anal masturbation tips for better backdoor play

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10 anal masturbation tips for better backdoor play

Rubbing one off isn’t just for the front. Why should the pussies and peckers get all the petting? Our chocolate pockets can do with some fun playtime too. And no matter your sex or orientation, anal self-play is for anyone and everyone. Are you into pleasure? Then there you go!

Anal masturbation in a nutshell?

Anal masturbation simply explores pleasure and senses in and around, you guessed it, the anus. Maybe you’ve already read our guide to rimming, pegging tips, and know a thing or two about anal sex toys, but do you know the best way to go about anal masturbation?

Well first off, you should know, just like we’ve talked about in our guide to mutual masturbation, it can involve partnered play as well as when you’re flying solo. Yes, you can have your crinkled star caressed whilst you go to town on your partner’s tush, or front! Whether you use sex toys, dildos, butt plugs and anal beads, or are happy with just hands, backdoor play can open you up (literally) to a whole new world of fun.

Some benefits of anal masturbation

It’s also handy to note there are a bunch of health benefits too, just like any other type of masturbation.

  • Self-love can improve the mood
  • Stroking the starfish can lower stress
  • Prodding the pooper can be good for pain relief
  • Sleep can be greatly improved
  • It may surprise you that everyone can orgasm from anal stimulation; there’s so many nerve endings down there!
  • You can explore what feels good for you, improving your sex life
  • For vagina owners, anal play can stimulate areas of the vagina
  • Prostate stimulation strengthens penis orgasms by 30%
  • And did we mention the pleasure?

1. Explore first and take things easy

If you’ve never tried anal before, like nobody’s even ventured into that cave, not even rolled a tongue around the rim, we know what you’re thinking: is it going to be painful? It’s not a good idea to head in full throttle. Like with anything new, ease in, and take things at your own pace. Explore with hands and toys. There are even ease-in anal dilators, anal starter kits and trainer butt plugs for you to practise with.

2. Get comfortable

Take a shower or bath beforehand to get you nice and clean, and in the mood. It’s important to feel relaxed, refreshed and ready. And if you’re thinking: what’s the best position for some bum fun? A good one is to lie on your back with a pillow under your pelvis, arching your bum up, so you have easier access. Or bend over when on your knees to spread open your anus naturally. Set the mood with candles and calming music, or hey, maybe your playlist is a bit more upbeat and raunchy?!

3. Experiment with water

It doesn’t always have to be on the bed, you know. When taking a shower or bath, you can bring water into the mix of tushy teasing. The feel of the wetness can enhance our sensations. There’s even such a thing as aquaphilia and ablutophilia. Aquaphilia being when you’re turned on by water and/or watery environments. Ablutophilia is a bit more specific. This can mean sexual arousal from showers or baths. Then there’s psychrocism: getting turned on by coldness. Experiment with temperatures, and use waterproof sex toys to help you reach that big O.

4. Lube up

Don’t forget your anal lube. Yep, there are niche ones. What makes it so special? They use the finest and safest ingredients to make backdoor play long-lasting and pain-free. Suitable for vegetarians and latex condom safe, these lubes have unique formulations to make anal play super slippery, smooth and sensually satisfying.

5. Begin with a massage

When starting the backdoor action, it’s best to begin with some massaging. Just shoving a finger or two up there straight away may not get you excited, and it may even hurt. And if you are with a partner, even a full body massage can work as brilliant foreplay. Get those oils out. Butt, when you’re down there (or if your partner is), begin with a rim massage using warm hands and fingers. If a partner is playing, a bit of tongue action is welcome.

6. Pinky for the stinky

When you’ve massaged around, feeling some sensations, start to insert a pinky finger, easing it in slowly. Hold it to allow your anal sphincter muscles to relax. Then, pull out slowly, and take a breather before going in again. Try using different fingers to experiment with sizing (be sure to trim fingernails for a comfortable experience), and use a come-hither motion.

7. P-spot play

For males, backdoor action involves pleasuring that prostate, where they can reach a P-spot orgasm. Yep, there’s quite the A-Z of orgasms! That walnut-sized organ, that’s two to four inches inside the rectum, is so much easier to feel when aroused because it swells. Internal and external massaging is what it loves. You can also use some toys to tease, like these perfect prostate massagers. Pay that P-spot some attention, and before you know it, you’ll be panting and preaching.

8. Anal sex toys

Hands can go a long way when it comes to self-pleasure, but you know what can go even longer? Anal toys! Why not make things easier, and even more enjoyable? The collection of bum-fun paraphernalia available is quite extensive. From anal beads and butt plugs to dildos and vibrators, you can get a helping hand - special mention to the fisting toy here too.

The best way to go about using them is - here comes one of our favourite phrases - to ease in. Start slow, and you don’t have to start with insertion either. Use the material and toy to get used to the sensations around the rim. Use that lube to wet the appetite, and keep topping up, the deeper you go. Take the toy out in stages for a tantalising build-up. With vibrating features, firm or softer feels, and funky designs, you can really find your kink and feel fulfilled.

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9. Blended orgasm

It doesn’t have to be just about the anal sensation. You too can achieve the elusive blended orgasm (multiple orgasms)! And who doesn’t want those? If you have a vagina, the clit can be stimulated with the hand or a vibrator, whilst the derriere gets some dildo action - you can even do a dildo squat using a suction cup dildo with it placed on the floor or any flat surface. For those with a penis, use a prostate massager whilst jerking off for something to scream about.

10. Keep it clean

And finally, just remember your sex toy cleaners and keep those toys and hands refreshed between uses and holes! For instance, if you’re going from the anus to the vagina, clean those toys and hands to avoid any infections.

Explore the UberKinky world for your anal play, and contact our helpful, friendly team for any advice or info on products!

7 September 2021
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